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Enabling your customers to experience the ultimate in keyboard continuity

Fully characterize let-off forces and locations
in the keystroke


Accurate, Unattended Kinetic Key Leveling

Improving upon traditional parameters...creating, measuring - and acting upon - brand new ones
    Whether from the standpoint of accuracy & precision, product-
ivity, or pure scientific rigor, the KeyForce 1TM improves greatly
upon several longstanding parameters important to the piano
action.  Many new parameters have also been developed and
brought to practical use by the KeyForce 1 diagnostic and optimi-
zation machine.  In addition to this, we have now - after 12-plus
years of development - developed a true key balancing product
that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.  This is the
Dyna-StatTM  system, available only from KeyForce 1 and our
machines.  Please take
some time to look around
our site, and don't miss Rick's latest post in the
    The Key Force One measures
the let-off forces incurred during
a constant-speed downstroke.  New
parameters are thus established,
which fully quantify this "let-off
resistance".  The machine also pre-
cisely locates both the start and
finish (jack trip point/aftertouch)
of the escapement event!
      All information needed for
leveling the keys is also measured
by the machine - for both "at rest"
and "depressed" keys.  Of course,
key leveling has always been about
continuity - of key heights - across
the keyboard.  This fits right in with
our overall focus on helping you
get as many important parameters
as possible to vary continuously
across the keyboard.
The main driver for all this...
TM Action Balancing
     For the most part, it is our
Dyna-StatTM module that will drive
things and create value for all concerned.  Yes, there are several
other incredible "non-balancing" related KeyForce 1 capabilities.
However, Dyna-Stat's ability to focus on the true, top-level param-
eters & physics of such a misunderstood field (key action balancing)
has made it the cornerstone of our toolpack.  Its process and
deliverables having finally been fully defined after many years of
R & D, it is gradually assuming a highly-regarded place in the eyes
of those who care most about a piano action's true feel (touchweight).
Dyna-Stat (particularly in concert with other non-balancing capabil-
ities of the Key
Force 1
) gives the technician his very best chance of
getting a piano action from a very mediocre point A to a "Eureka
moment" point B...without breaking the bank!
     The KeyForce 1-based Dyna-Stat key balancing system provides
a note-specific prescription of very efficient and nonobvious changes
to perform.   All changes deal with mass and/or location, of the
hammerhead and key leads.   The incredible physics of this process
essentially allows a mediocre or bad action to be efficiently trans-
formed into one that feels great.  Implementing the prescribed
changes leads to an action of unprecedented continuity - of tone and
"feel" - across the keyboard.  Please see the Dyna-StatTM product page
for much more information.
     Please contact us to learn about our typical business proposition.
In essence, KeyForce 1 becomes a consultant for you the technician,
in support of your most valued piano customers, whether new or ex-
isting.  If preferred, call Rick Voit directly at 630-267-8463 to discuss
these matters.  Meanwhile, please explore our site as much as you
can...with an open mind we trust!