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Enabling your customers to experience the ultimate in keyboard continuity
      We are KeyForce 1 are now seeking a few interested, motivated, quality-
and productivity-minded piano technicians to become beneficiaries and
enablers of the groundbreaking Key Force 1TM piano tool.  The goal and end
result is to efficiently turn bad or mediocre piano actions into world-class actions
exhibiting unprecedented smoothness in both touch and response.  In the more
common vernacular employed by piano technicians, the piano's "touchweight"
will be efficiently made smoothly-varying across the entire keyboard.  All such
projects will - first and foremost - utilize a Key Force 1TM machine.  They will also
employ the revolutionary Dyna-StatTM action balancing module.  It focuses on
the non-escapement and non-damper-related portion of the action balancing.
This automated, physics-based method results in an efficient, nonobvious
prescription for making mass and mass-location changes to various notes across
the keyboard.  The result is revolutionary smoothness in both "static" and
dynamic (inertial) forces across the piano action! 
The Key Force 1 TM technology:  what can it do for you?
     Please contact us for more information on how you can implement Key Force 1
and Dyna-Stat technology on your most valued or challenging piano repair projects.
Once a given piano technician has teamed up with us for a few of these projects,
the possibility will exist for him to become a Key Force 1 provider.   This would
involve his having a KeyForce 1 machine onsite, some required training, and a
modest security deposit.   He would become incentivized to use the equipment
as much as possible, both for traditional (owner) customers and for "external"
customers (other piano technicians!).  The Dyna-Stat product - requiring only
the action itself - should give considerable incentive for other piano technicians
to bring in actions to the provider, in support of their own customers.
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     We hope you will see the revolutionary potential the automated Key Force 1
piano tool has in the piano repair and piano restoration fields.   The Key Force 1's
immediate benefit is:  better piano action quality and consistency, but at
reasonable cost!   If you know of some customers that might jump at the chance to
obtain a revolutionary, world-class balanced action - at a reasonable price - please
contact us as soon as possible.  Don't forget that there are various other quality
assurance benefits that come
a typical Key
Force 1 collaboration
:  revolutionary
aftertouch and let-off (escapement) timing and force data, unprecedented "static"
force measurement accuracy, and more.   Meanwhile, please explore our site!
A few more things
     Other modules are also typically employed, in an unprecedented mission to
help ensure smoothness in other tactile parameters as well.  In particular, a module
is typically employed to give the technician an unbelievable, scientific, and graphical
"picture" of all the let-off/escapement events, for each and every note across the
action!  Many revolutionary "let-off parameters" are actually graphed, versus note
number.  These are related to the actual let-off forces (let-off bump), let-off timing
(including aftertouch), and let-off durations, all across the action!   Still another
module does something similar...but for damper-related forces/timing of each
note.  And then there is our amazing Kinetic Key Leveling module, which includes
the most scientific means of determining the "bottom" (key dip) in the known world.
An incredible variation of the "key dipping" aspect of this module yields a prescrip-
tion resulting in constant AfterTouch values, all across the keyboard!  Rather than
the keydips being made constant, it is the distance (at the finger/AP) from the actual
Jack Trip Point to the exact bottom that is made constant from note to note.  This
results in a very different "feel", and is not for the faint of heart.