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Automated Measurements
     One of the centerpieces of our company's products is improved efficiency
of the piano technician and the entire shop.  All measurements taken by the
Key Force 1 machines are automated.  Once the machine is set up on the
piano or action, and certain preliminary information entered, the technician
hits "Start".   He is then free to do other work for 10, 20, or 30 minutes,
depending on the functionality/mode being performed.  At that point, he
comes back and reorients the machine to measure the other color-set of keys.
If the functionality is kinetic key leveling, the machine will be finished with
the white keys in 10 or 12 minutes.  If in the FLA mode, it may be 30 or 35
minutes for one color-set to be completed.  Regardless, that time is available for
the technician to take care of other things on his tasklist!
     Below is a short video showcasing the automated nature of the Key Force 1.
Regardless of mode, automation is the common denominator.  As you can see
elsewhere on the site, the term "automation" applies to the "downstream" data
processing as well.
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