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Measure While MovingTM technology
     One of the essential features of the KeyForce 1 system is the machine's
ability to accurately move, while simultaneously measuring and recording
resulting reaction forces.  It's the so-called finger of the KF1 that moves in a
consistent, predetermined fashion.  It is the forces acting against this finger
that are actually measured.  They are not only measured, but measured in a
continuous manner...once every millisecond!  Below is a view of the KF1's
finger in contact against a piano key.
     It's not very helpful for the KF1's finger to move against - or near - the key
if the movement is not exactly and totally controlled.  There are several func-
tionalities associated with the KeyForce 1 technology, each one requiring one
or more types of movement.  Each of these movement types is known as a
routine, and most routines worthy of discussing here occur simultaneous with
continuous force measurement.  No matter the routine, the finger's posi-
tion must be known at every instant of time.
     For a given routine, the exact nature of the finger's movement is determined
by a unique Motion Profile.  This is simply of relationship (graph) between
finger position and time.  The position is always with respect to a "zero point".
For some routines, such as those dealing with key leveling/dipping, that zero
point corresponds to a horizontal plane - just clearing the highest key - at some
known height above the keybed or bench.  For other routines, the zero point
corresponds to a previously determined "at rest" position of the keytop.  The
two graphs below are Motion Profiles for two different KF1 routines.
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The first one produces constant downward finger speed, after a brief accelera-
tion period.  This is the type of profile used in the
et-off event  and
part of our F
product.  The resulting forces are instantaneous Down Forces.
Since the downstroke goes all the way to dip, all kinds of valuable force and
timing information is obtained, regarding each note's let-off event.  Please visit
the FLA Product area, under "the Products", for more information.  The second
is similar but has the downstroke followed by a brief pause, and then a
constant-speed upstroke.  Forces measured during the downward part of this
profile are instantaneous Down Forces.  Forces measured during the upstroke
are the instantaneous Up Forces.  Please see the Let-Off event and Aftertouch
section of the
FLA Product
area for more detailed information.
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